Clash of clans smart tips

Clash of clans is perhaps among the most played video game of our time. It is an online multiplayer strategy game with millions of gamers around the world. While the game has got myriads of users addicted to it, to some it appears a complex game that they would rather not attempt. Don’t be left out, clash of clans is an awesome game, and we are here to help you out. Make use of the following Clash of clans tips and tricks to help you make your way around the game and in no time make quick progress.


Position your town hall at the center

Just after you install the game you are directed to your new village as chief. As chief of your village, you will be required to manage your town for best results. The town hall is the heart of your village and thus placing it at the center is strategic enough. If an attacker manages to destroy your town hall they automatically win the attack no matter how little destruction they will do to your village. Therefore, always position your town hall far from your enemies reach. This is a trick that has me winning most attacks and could work for you too.

Safeguard your defenses

Do not position your defenses in plain site if you want to be winning. Always give your attacker the challenge of getting to your defenses. Safeguarding your defenses with walls and other objects will always obstruct the attackers’ army thus giving your defenses more time to overpower them. To get more gems use clash of clans hack.

Upgrade your town hall last

Always upgrade your village town hall last. Make sure you upgrade all other items in your clan especially defenses and resource collectors before upgrading the town hall. The town hall determines who you can attack and who can attack you, therefore, always to have the upper end in attacks and defenses, consider upgrading your town hall last.

Booby trap open spaces

Lay traps for your enemy in open spaces. Enemies will always want to use the shortest way possible to reach your gold and resources. Make this difficult for them by making the most obvious way- the most difficult.

Spend your gems wisely

Gems get you finished on tasks quickly. But don’t be fooled, they are also the hardest resource to come around in this game. Always spend your gems sparingly as they do not come around easily.

Join a clan

Care for some extra loot? Well then don’t hesitate, go ahead and join a clan. Clan wars always result in handsome bonuses for the winning clan, and you get to share in the spoils if your clan wins.

There you have it, just like any other good game, you now command a sizable piece of knowledge to help you quickly make your way and progress in clash of clans.


Happy gaming!!!

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Game of war fire age review and tips

Game of War is a complex strategy war game that focuses on a selection of different elements that will keep players interested for a long period of time. The game is very technically challenging and features a complex set of elements that will allow players the ability to train a large army and then lead it into a selection of large maps. The aim of the game is to conquer the world map and eventually become the Emperor.

The game is focused on creating a powerful army and this is then used to develop an empire which is focused on conquering the land that you explore. The game is based in an online environment and this means that you will be playing with other real players which will make the game challenging in a way that is real and demanding. The game is designed to be easy to pick up and play but is complex enough so that it will be difficult to master. This means the players will be able to enjoy the game for a long period of time before they get bored.

One of the best things about this game is that it is based online and this means that you can play against millions of other players who are all trying to conquer the game. this makes the game far more exciting and will allow you the ability to fight your way to domination and enjoy trying to occupy the kingdoms that are set out within the game. The game is also free to play and this has made it very popular among many players around the world.

The game will be perfectly suited for players who enjoy a balance of action and strategy. The game is also designed to be social and this means that you can communicate with many millions of individuals who are also playing the game. This can also all be done in a real-time environment which makes it far more realistic. You have the ability to build empires and train huge armies whilst developing strategic plans so that you can become dominant within this world.

The game also has a selection of functions which will allow you the ability to develop friends as well as enemies throughout the game. You will be up to train your heroes intelligently so that they become powerful and dynamic. You also have the ability to design and develop weapons which you can then use within the game so as to progress and develop.

If you enjoy strategic action games that are based in fantasy worlds then you will enjoy this game immensely. The game allows you the ability to develop your army to a high degree so that you can be in complete control when you are developing your army. The game is available on a selection of different mobile devices and can be used whilst you are on the go. If you enjoy playing strategy games then give this title a go. And here is the promised tips for you: see post.


Castle Clash hack tools and smart tips

Castle Clash hack tools and smart tips that you might find very helpful

Castle Clash is an combat fantasy strategy game app for Android and iOS (Apple) smart phones and mobile devices.  Once a game only available for play online through your browser on your computer or laptop on websites that cater to game audiences such as Armor Games and Kongregate, its now available on mobile devices.  Just like game-play on your PC or laptop, game-play can be performed when an internet connection is present. And lot of people is searching for castle clash hack, I picked up this tool for you: http://www.planeth4ck.com/castle-clash-hack/.

Castle Clash is free to download and to play on your mobile device, but you do have the ability to buy various items to enhance your game-play experience and more quickly reach quest goals and requirements.  A variety of convenient cheats and hacks are available online to assist you in advancing on your adventurous quest and facilitate an enhanced game-play experience when enraptured with the addicting Castle Clash app on your mobile device.  To purchase items and build and/or upgrade buildings in this fantasy epic battle game, you require items such as gold, gems, mana, shards, and honor badges to advance you in game-play.  Employing Castle Clash hack when you get stuck is a smart and easy strategy to help you on your way and get you moving in the right direction!

Castle Clash hack

Unlimited gems is a wildly popular Castel clash hack in demand when playing Castle Clash and can greatly assist you in getting moving up the ranks rather quickly!  These hacks can definitely save money and aren’t as costly as purchasing gems, gold, mana, shards, and other necessary items of which you would have to continue to spend loads of cash on through Castle Clash’s paid portion of their game website.  Other popular cheats in high demand include unlimited gold, unlimited, shields, mana, game building unlocking capabilities, and upgrade unlocking capabilities in the Castle Clash app, and the immediate ability to unlock all necessary castle troops, including the well-sought after legendary game heroes to employ within your mighty army!

The Castle Clash mobile game app for Android and iOS (Apple) is highly addictive and exciting and may possibly begin to encompass much of your leisure time once you become entranced by game-play, which makes cheats an important part of getting you past portions of Castle Clash that you get stuck on for lengthy periods of time.  You can locate and employ Castle clash hack for both the Android version of Castle Clash and the iOS (Apple) version!  Take care to find cheats that include an anti-ban feature!  This cheat will keep your account safe from any inconvenient banning that can take place and get rid of all your game progress you worked so hard to attain.  Be sure to find cheats that are easily accessible and user-friendly to avoid any complications and further add to your frustration when you get stuck.  Happy mobile app gaming and do not forget to try the Castle clash hack I wrote about in the beginning of this article :)


Two ways of playing video games

The traditional way of playing video games has been on a console designed for the purpose. However, since the mobile phone was introduced in 1992, it too has become a popular alternative, and you yourself might consider making the switch. There are several reasons for this. One is that a mobile phone can be carried anywhere and is easy to hold in the hand, whereas a console is permanently attached to the desktop PC with which it is meant to be used. Not only can you play your games in any room in the house, but you can go anywhere outside your house as well — provided, of course, that you are in an area that has wifi access. Besides, a mobile phone is much lighter than a console and takes up less space, so you don’t have to contend with all that ugly wiring. Mobile is therefore the logical choice for playing a video game when you want to do so “on the go” and your console is not available. If there was ever a competitor for console gaming, it is mobile gaming.


Organization is another factor that makes mobile gaming superior to console gaming — or at least, that is what one user claims; Unfortunately, he does not explain why. Another player said that he found the console version of the video game Injustice to be “insanely hard” compared to the mobile version thereof and much more difficult to master than most of the other fighter games that he has played. Still another blogger on the same page said that game in mobile form focuses more on “collection and strategy,” although due to its higher content it is more difficult to complete than it is in console version. In the end, whether the console or mobile version of a given game is superior depends on the game.